Hire a Hacker Scams Exposed and Eliminated

Jan 8, 2020
Eliminated Scammers
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hire a hacker scammers

The Demand for Hacker services has rocketed in the recent years, usually, people hire hackers for hacking Smart Phones, Personal Computers, Websites, University Grade changes, Social Media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp.) And Email accounts Etc. This requirement generated a Hackers for Hire market where people can just visit some websites and Hire a Hacker for their dirty work anonymously.

These websites offer all kinds of hacking services from hacking an email account to changing your university grades. Prices usually go around $100 to $800 and more based on your requirements.

General prices

Email Hacking – $200-$400 which includes Gmail, Yahoo, Yandex, and Webmail, etc.

Facebook Hacking – $300-$500 

Full Mobile Device access – $500-$700 based on the target device model.

Personal Computer – $500-$800 per device 

Website Hacking – starts at $300 to several grand depending on the target site.

Upon gathering and researching all the Hackers for Hire websites on the internet and DarkWeb we found some interesting facts.

They will generally appear with the following keywords (search terms) on google

They will generally appear with the following keywords (search terms) on google

  • Hire a hacker
  • Hackers for Hire
  • Rent a Hacker
  • Hacker Service
  • Professional Hackers
  • Hacker Group
  • Find a Hacker
  • Blackhat Hackers
  • Hacker Hire
  • Mobile Hackers

Most of the Hackers from the Hire a Hacker sites are scammers. They mislead visitors with hacking services and lure them into paying without providing anything.

Many netizens are becoming victims of these frauds and losing their money to the impersonators.

They will provide fake promises and guarantees to convince people. Some of them are so desperate they will make photoshopped proofs of the target accounts.

They accept anonymous payments like Bitcoins, Ethereum, Gift cards and some of them even accept PayPal and Skrill.

Once the payment is made they will start on stalling and tries to pinch more money.

If someone denies paying these scammers, they won’t even mind to Blackmail/Threaten them to leak their details to the target. Some scammers demand more and more money to complete the work.

Our Hackers Association Team contacted all these websites to ensure their authenticity. We gathered all their details and mechanism

We contacted them as a potential customer with a low to highly secured target accounts,

Based on our research 8 out of 10 websites offering Hacking services for the people are proven as scammers.

Some Hackers failed to acquire access and only a few returned with promised results.

With the help of our team, we have successfully eliminated most of the scammers from the internet for the greater good.

You can check the Eliminated scammers list from Here

Domain Name: Hackershire.com

Domain Name: Hireahacker.net

Domain Name: Hackerlist.com

Domain Name: Neighborhoodhacker.com

Domain Name: hackersinfinity.com

Check here for more..

dark hackers

At Hackers Association we focus on wiping out the hacker impersonators and scammers, we suggest you verify the hackers before hiring and be sure to report us if you found anyone suspicious.

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